Three things are needed for you to enter into the realm of the supernatural: Faith, the Anointing, and Glory.

From Romans 12:3, God has dealt to every man the measure of faith

1 John 2:20 – But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things

And Jesus tells us in John 17 that you receive the same glory that He had with the Father.

Now, here is where we are going to have to study. Most of us know how to operate in faith and we know how to operate in a strong anointing but this third dimension, the glory, is somewhere many of us have not been.

You see, in faith and in the anointing, God is working through us but when it comes to the glory, it’s all God.

The glory is all that God is, all that God has, and all that God can do. It is God Himself beginning to operate in the earth realm and all He needs you to do is cooperate. Many times we disturb the glory with man-made antics. But, God’s glory does not need our help, our job is to just receive and flow with Him.

We worship and praise God to create an atmosphere for Him to show up with His glory. And when He comes, He is coming to drop off some packages. Some livers, some lungs, financial provision, or whatever else it is that you need. When we truly learn to operate in the supernatural, God will be able to show Himself strong on your behalf in this earth realm.