In Acts 16:30, a question was asked to Paul and Silas:

30 And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved?

I began to contemplate about that, and the question is asked:

“What must I do to be healthy?”

You cannot just automatically be healthy. We know that the body of Christ is at this point sick, and apostolically, the Lord is sending a blueprint, and laying a foundation for us to build on understanding that there’s only one disease (even though there’s 12,500 diseases that science says, but there’s only one disease:

Malfunctioning of cells, and so we find out that nutrients, eating properly, and keeping toxins out of our body is the secret of being healthy, so, we’re on the highway of health. We’re on the road of health now. For every believer who wants to live a healthy life, God has given us revelation and insight on what has been taking our health from us. It has not only been satan, but our cooperation by improperly eating and not knowing what to put in our bodies. We need to study, just like anything else we need to study.

We need to study how to eat properly and how to eat things that taste good. There’s a way to do it, and you’re gonna do it because you’re going to live a healthy life.

And you’re asked the question:

What must I do to be healthy?

The answer is, to check what I’m putting on the inside of me and having Faith in God.


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