When you sit at Jesus’ feet, like our text gives it in Luke 10:38 to the end of that chapter,

38 Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village: and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house.

You’re going to hear the truth about who you are, what you have already, and the cross.

He became sick that we might be well , and that we might be made righteous.

Therefore, it is your divine right to live a long, prosperous, sick-free life, but you have to continue to stir that word up in you to know the truth, and not receive that lie.

Then, as God teaches you psychologically, physically (by exercising), nutrition (by eating), you’re being taught the whole thing:

You’re being taught what to eat and what not to eat, what to think and what not to think, what to drink and what not to drink, so God is bringing you into a place that he always wanted His children. He said that His children would hear His voice, so you have to have ears to hear what God is saying to you right now.

He’s saying to you that all these years, we’ve been deceived and trying to believe for healing, but actually, God has already provided for us divine health.



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