Psalm 115:14 – The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children.

God says :

Everything is on the increase. Stand still and see me multiply all that you have and place you in a type of stewardship that cannot be denied by anyone. All must say, the hand of the Lord is upon them. Now remember, always with the manifestation comes the responsibility. Therefore, you must stay close to my wisdom, my knowledge, understanding, and my instruction as we build this life of abundance; flooded with my grace. Now go forth and tell the world what good things the Lord has done for you, and every time you tell it to glorify me, I will increase it.

So the laws of increase is as you obey God and carry out what God tells you to do, the Lord begins to multiply it in our lives and along with that multiplication comes responsibility.

The Spirit of God lives on the inside of you and you can carry this out. So be faithful, be dutiful, yield to the Spirit of God and be blessed in the lifestyle of increase.