Matthew 15:25~ Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me.


When your prayers don’t seem like they’re working, worship the Lord!


Worship gives increase to your prayer life.

Worship gives increase to your faith life

Worship is the cure for racism.


It seemed like she wasn’t getting a breakthrough

Breatkthrough- Heaven coming open to your request

Worship places you under an open heaven when you worship God properly



Worship creates an intimacy with God. That intimacy, when the stewardship of it is right, leads to authority. And then it leads to dominion. Then it leads to reigning in life through the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness.

We have to understand that worship brings quicker intimacy with God than anything else.

When you get close to God, the Heavens open. Heaven opens and hell is locked up.


So today, Keep on Worship Him! Acknowledging who He is. Acknowledging how great He is. Giving Him the praise and the glory! Giving Him the thanks for all the great things he has done and is going to do in your life!


Getting in His presence is the greatest thing! It’s intimacy! It’s getting close to God! Draw nigh to God and God will draw nigh unto you!


The quickest way to draw nigh to God, the quickest way to get a breakthough is to lift your hands, your heart, and mind towards God and acknowledge how great He is!!