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It has not passed this way, my son. Get ready for massive wisdom and understanding of my will. Yea, you will walk before me and at the same time, walk for me. For I am about to release in the earth realm, my power as it was in the days of old; where my men and women would take their dominion and authority by having intimacy with me. And the mystery of my will, will be revealed and the glory will come behind it and the manifestation and the demonstration will be overwhelming that men and women would not even be able to explain the power and the glory that is being manifested in the earth realm this day. Yea I will unfold my wisdom, unfold my ways, unfold my word, unfold my work, unfold my will into men and women who trust me, honor me, magnify me, and glorify me in the earth realm. Yea, the day has come for the church to take her place in authority, in dominion; to reign as I desired her to reign. Yea there are those who are yielding to my Spirit. As you yield to my Spirit, you will wear an anointing that will change things supernaturally. Yea this is the hour and the day of my power says the Lord. I have been looking for a man or woman to stand in the gap to hear: my counsel, my wisdom, my understanding, and walk it out. Walk it out. As you walk it out, I will work it out.