Revelation is reality. Realities in the spirit world come from revelation.

In order for the fact that there is an Eden on the inside of you to become a reality to you, you must have a revelation. In order for you to function and operate from the kingdom of God that is within you, you must have a revelation.

When you have a revelation, you don’t have to see or feel or taste it. You just know that it is real. You see, the Holy Spirit runs the kingdom of God or the Eden that is on the inside of you. He is the one, in figurative terms, who pulls the fruit off the tree and puts it in your mouth.

When something is telling you that you are losing, revelation will step in and say, losing is impossible in the kingdom of God. You can’t be dominated by anything. You can’t be defeated.

Actually, any negative thing that you are dealing with can only occur on the outside of your Eden.

See, you can’t reason with that thought. It’s too much for your natural mind to take in. You have to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the Eden within you. Ask Him what it means for the kingdom of God to be within you. That revelation is what will make the power and authority and dominion on the inside of you become a reality for you.