Do you know that you are the one that makes everything legal in your life? God can’t make what the Bible has promised you legal in your life. He can’t say Amen, Amen is for you to say. You have to make what God says legal by saying, “Amen.”

Amen means “so be it.” Your “Amen” is your agreement with God. Once you say it, your agreement is connected with God’s agreement to make what is agreed upon to come to pass. Nothing can stop it from happening.

Your Amen legalizes God to do the supernatural in your life. Once your Amen is spoken out, that’s a wrap.

Think about anything you are dealing with. Now, let the Holy Spirit reveal to you what God thinks about it.

You are healed. – Amen.

Your are full of joy. – Amen

Your family is in tact. – Amen.

Your finances are whole and in abundance. – Amen.