God never intended for His church to be limited by it’s natural capabilities. Our divine mark as a believer is supernatural.

We have the ability, through Christ, to make impossible things possible, incurable things curable, and change things that are stoppable into being unstoppable. You are apart of an indestructible supernatural, super structure and the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.

Many Christians including pastors and leaders refuse to accept the validity of miracles today. They have failed to understand their importance and the reason is because they do not have a revelation of God’s purposes for manifesting His supernatural power.

God’s purposes for the supernatural are:

  1. To prove that He is the only true and living God.
  2. To bring glory and honor to His name.
  3. To confirm His Word.
  4. To instill a reverential fear of Himself in the hearts of the people.
  5. Deliver His people out of the hands of their enemies.

One of the main reasons many people do not reverence God is because they have not seen the true manifestation of His power yet. If you are to walk in a supernatural lifestyle, you also, will have to get a revelation of God’s purposes for the supernatural.