You can’t be fearful that if you give, your rent is not going to be paid. God is not a man that he should lie. If He said it, He will make it good. (Numbers 23:19). Fear has to leave you. And the understanding of God’s Word will cause it to leave.

You can’t become rich when you’re in fear. Why? Because if you do, that money will destroy you. You will become anxiety-ridden. You will constantly be thinking about that money, fearful that it’s going to leave you. And guess what? With that attitude, it will leave you.

You have to know that if money leaves, it can come again. You have to command your covenant wealth, knowing that you have tapped into the Source and have no worries about it. You must maintain that God is your Source; not your job and not anything else.

Remember, when you sow, you are not losing anything; you are actually gaining more than what you had before. Giving is gain. Remember that. Ask the Holy Spirit to always keep you in remembrance of that.