God is the one who actually brings forth your harvest, but you must first plant the seed. You water the seed with your words of faith based on God’s Word, but, ultimately, there can be no growth without the sowing of seed. That means the seed controls the harvest. God stands ready, willing, and able, to bring forth any seed that you sow — so that makes you the determining factor. If you don’t sow, God has nothing to grow!

Don’t ever be intimidated by the size of your seed. Just allow God to lead you and then obey that. In other words, if He leads you to give $500 in an offering, but you give $50 instead, that’s not a seed that will be blessed in the way God would like to bless it, because it’s not a seed of obedience!

When they had run out of wine at the wedding feast, Mary told the servants concerning Jesus, “Whatsoever He says to you, do it.” (John 2:5)  Jesus told the servants to fill six empty pots with water. If they had filled only four of the pots, they would have been out of order — or if they had filled all six pots only half full, that wouldn’t have been pure, unadulterated obedience, either.

In the same way, we need to be sure that when the Lord leads or prompts us — or specifically tells us to do something — we obey it fully.