In Matthew 13:12, it talks about sowing and reaping, and it talks about knowing kingdom mysteries.

One aspect of the kingdom mystery is that the kingdom works by seedtime and harvest, but then Jesus said in that 12th verse:

12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

I remember the revelation: “The Money Just Keep On Coming”

Money is not evil, it’s evil not to have money.

I think that apostolically and prophetically, God sent me to the body of Christ with this message, and I know it’s real. I’ve been teaching it for over 20 years, and it never lost any power.

It belongs to you.

The money just keep on coming. That is an affirmation or confession prophetically that you can speak no matter how things look, no matter how much you have, no matter how much you don’t have, the revelation of the money just keep on coming is a revelation that you need to release from your heart and release from your mouth. Don’t feel guilty about it. You’re not covetous, you’re not going after money, because you’re calling the money to you.

The law of attraction & the law of magnetism are both spiritual laws that will draw to you increase after increase because God loves His children. He wants you to have it so you can carry out the great commission: go ye in all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Don’t feel guilty about money. Don’t feel guilty about thinking about money because God wants you to have more than enough, and he wants you to have unlimited resources. (Mark 16:15)

Say this aloud: The Money Just Keep On Coming!