In prayer this morning, I heard:

“All shackles are broken, all yokes are destroyed, and all burdens are lifted in your finances.”

It’s time for you to go forth and read Deuteronomy 28. The first part of that chapter deals with what God wants you to have. Our God wants all nations to see you blessed.

I decree and declare this morning that Money Cometh to you, and that you’ll never be broke another day in your life, and that the money will keep on coming, and as the wisdom of God begins to wrap itself around you, in a mantle of anointing for financial increase, you’ll know exactly how to handle the money and how to be a blessing to others.

As God spoke to Abraham in Genesis 12. He called Abraham out and told him that He would bless those that bless him, and curse those that curse Him, and said to him until all the families of the earth be blessed. I receive that call this morning.

Because you all are connected to my anointing, I want all your families to be blessed and that you go out and bless many more.

I see you with no yoke, no burdens, and no shackles.