When you sow and grow rich, it’s never about going after money. It’s about consistently working the principles God has in place. The principles will cause money to come after you.

My life is evidence that the principle of seedtime and harvest works! I came from nothing, and now I don’t even have to pray for or think about money anymore.

I just do what God tells me to do and it comes. Prayer isn’t made for money. The seed is made for money. This is why the Church has been stuck on the same level and in the same condition for so long. They’ve been praying about money. Yelling, “I need this” or “I need that.”

While, on the other hand, God is steadily saying: “No, I told you the way to do it. I’m going to give you the seed, but I can’t sow it for you. I don’t do anything without your faith and seed. You have to sow it, and then, I can change your condition.”

— Sow & Grow Rich

(An excerpt taken from Dr. Leroy Thompson Sr.’s latest book – SOW & GROW RICH)