I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:14

When people or demons try to stop you from giving, you will have to press to sow — press to do what God told you to do. You have to press for the mark of being the sower that God called you to be.

The enemy doesn’t want you to pass the sowing test. He knows that once you’ve passed it, you will graduate to another level. The good news is that not only does God give you the test but He also gives you the answer, the seed, the grace, the courage and the confidence to pass it!

God has this set up to take you out of this earthly financial rat race.
May God give you a seed-pusher anointing. When your natural mind tells you, You can’t do that. You will never go there. This anointing will help you push pass it, sow, and go anyway. You know how there are drug pushers in the world? Well, it’s time we push something. I know there are some seed pushers reading this now.

You must never become comfortable with just enough. Push. God will give you the seed, the soil, and the harvest. Keep pushing. Your part is to consistently prepare and plan to sow ahead of time. You have to purposely put yourself in that position, because if not, God won’t just give it to you.

— Sow & Grow Rich

(An excerpt taken from Dr. Leroy Thompson Sr.’s latest book – SOW & GROW RICH)