Today, direct your attention to knowing that the Word of God is a mirror where you can see the God in you!
When you look at the Word of God, you’re not looking at the natural, you’re looking at the real you. You must begin to hear God saying, “I put myself in you.”
The Father expects you to take Jesus’ place as the Son of God and run things here on earth as it is in heaven. You are God’s hands, and you have access to all of God’s thoughts. He wants to use you. He desires to be you!

In reality, every step you make is God walking because of the potential and the ability that is on the inside of you. If you truly begin to look in the mirror and see yourself for who you are, you’d notice that you’re here because you have an assignment. You are an ambassador of the kingdom of God!

So, look in the mirror, and seek you first, the kingdom of God! (Matthew 6:33)

Say this aloud: Dimensional changes are being made in my life today. My life is in a new realm, functioning in a new government! I’m not asking for things to happen; I’m telling them to happen! I am determined not to know anything except the Son of God in me! I am God functioning in a body.