Today, focus on believing that the life of God (your I Am-ness) is coming out of you at all times! There’s nothing normal about you.

Be determined to not to know anything else but Jesus Christ and him crucified. Today, move your focus beyond television, the internet, texting, etc. God is trying to take you somewhere that you’ve never been before! 

Jesus is saying, “Today, you’re calling me back on the scene for everything, so I’m fulfilling every dream.” 

Your days of just quoting the Bible are over. Today, instead of just confessing, direct your life. Move from being a confessor to being a director. When you speak as a director, you already know that it is done. As a creative force, you’ll be speaking spirit and life, and your creation (your I Am-ness) will start coming out of you! You will start calling things that be not as though they are (Romans 4:17).

Say this Aloud: My I Am-ness is coming out of me! So whatever I desire, I call things that be not as though they were and they have to obey me! I speak to mountains and they have to move because my real Christian life comes alive this day. I am an eater of the word! I am a drinker of the Holy Ghost! The Spirit of Life functions in me! When I speak and when I think things have to happen. When I eat the word of God, I’m eating the mind of God.  Regular days are over!