I want you to see what happens when you connect sowing grace to sowing faith.

Again I want you to look at Ephesians 2:8, For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

On your own, you can’t live the life that God has ordained for you to live. So, you must always remember that you are living by the gift of God.

Concerning your finances, you must desire for God to bestow sowing grace upon you. When you’re wearing sowing grace and acting in faith, your life will be changed forever. The reason you need sowing grace is because there are too many different options out there for you to change your financial condition on your own. You can hustle, you can work two jobs, or depend on debt; but only sowing grace will get you out.

This world’s system is not designed for you to get out and stay out. It is designed to keep you attached to it and keep you coming back for what it has to offer. I like to tell people, your job will only give you enough to keep you coming back the next morning. There is only one way to get out and stay out and that’s through sowing into the kingdom of God.

When you understand sowing grace and sowing faith, you’ll become like the widow woman in Mark 12 and the woman with the alabaster box who poured that expensive perfume on Jesus’ head (see Matt. 26) . You become an extravagant giver. You become willing to sow your last and you don’t worry about how you are going to come out because you know that the seed will take care of you. And you will know that God always protects sowers!

Today, with a sincere heart and an intent to obey, ask God, “Bestow sowing grace on me.”