Luke 17:21 – Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Why is the kingdom of God on the inside of you? To Prepare You For That Which Is to Come.

The days are going to get more and more evil. The world just accepts any and everything. They are even using preachers and the church to defy God. But, you, as a child of God, are going to have to realize that the church must have a kingdom agenda. The church is mentioned twice in the Bible, the kingdom is mentioned over 100 times.

God gave the church a kingdom agenda. Therefore, you must have a kingdom agenda. You cannot function in the church, if you don’t understand the kingdom.

Most Christians are not prepared for the storms and the evil that this world is about to go through.There are things coming that technology will not be able to handle. Not even the natural government will be able to handle them. A supernatural government is what will be needed and the kingdom of God that lives in you is a supernatural government.

So, do not to become fearful. Whatever comes, you must know that the kingdom in you can handle it.

When you understand how powerful the kingdom that is on the inside of you is, you will be prepared you for that which is to come.

You will need illumination, revelation, enlightenment, and empowerment for the situations that you are about to face. You are not obligated to live a normal life any longer.

You are not obligated to be fearful of the future, no matter what the reports of the world are saying, because you are already prepared supernaturally to handle whatever they say. The church’s agenda must come from the kingdom, so the church can operate in the kingdom power. Your agenda must come from the kingdom, so you can operate in kingdom power. As long as you do that, you will be prepared for anything and everything!