Luke 17:21 – Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Why is the kingdom of God on the inside of you? That you may have an encounter or experience with the power of God properly.

Whenever you meet with God, you must have an encounter. Once you have had an experience or encounter with the supernatural power of God; come what may: lions, fire, water, or rain, you will know how to yield to the Holy Spirit. He is the executor of kingdom business.

The Holy Spirit can’t fully work with a person who doesn’t understand the kingdom. He’ll do as much as He can but not as much as He can with someone who truly understands what God has put on the inside of them to make them supernatural.

This is where we are going now, having encounters and experiences with God. Remember, we talked about the dimensions of the supernatural. How we must move from faith to the anointing and then into the dimension of God’s glory.

Well, that’s the experiences and encounters I am talking about. Where we begin to see God’s manifested presence visit us to do things for us that we have never seen before. The miracles that have been taking place are undeniable encounters with God. And I can guarantee you, the people who have been experiencing these things will never doubt the power of the kingdom of God that is within them.

You, also, must learn the value of the power of the kingdom of God within you. Don’t allow it to remain dormant. It is within you for a reason. You are one of the most-powerful beings on the face of this earth! Live your life, with an ever-present awareness, that the kingdom of God is within you so that you can live victoriously, be prepared for things to come, and have encounters and experiences with the power of God!