God says : Don’t operate on opinion, but from this day forward, I want you to be optimistic with gratitude. Because I’m omnipresent, I’m omniscient, and I’m omnipotent. I have all power. I have all information, and I’m everywhere. Did not I say to you that I’m with you? So, you have My power, you have My understanding, you have My wisdom, you have My knowledge, My ability, and My presence traveling with you all the time. And lo, I am with you always. I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.

Always be aware in your consciousness, thinking, emotions, and imagination of my presence. I am with you. I am for you.

I have become you, that you may become Me.

So, you have the ability to fly. You have the ability to run. You have the ability to walk and not be weary, nor faint. For, I am with you. Think My mindset all the time, no matter who’s around you. Pause. Selah.

For, you listen before you speak. For, this day I raise you to another level, beyond opinion into My omniscient status of wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and discernment. You’ll begin to build everything around you with My wisdom and you’ll begin to establish it with My understanding. And you’ll begin to fill it (the house you built) with riches and treasure by My knowledge. And you’ll be able to discern when one comes in, or around, and try to take it from you. And you’ll have the power, the strength, and the ability to handle it.

So, rejoice. This is a great day! Great things are happening in your life right now.